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About Us - Principal Collaborators: Karen Smiley
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Ms. Karen Smiley is an AI-savvy engineering leader and an advocate and independent thinker/writer on #EthicalAI, #DiversityInTech, #PeopleFirstCulture, and technology. As a creative collaborative technology leader, she has built broad and deep global experience in the full development lifecycle for multi-platform hardware-software systems. She has built and led multiple geographically-distributed and remote agile teams that design and deliver advanced industrial analytics and toolsets. Karen is an accomplished mentor, teacher, author, manager, coach, architect, and data scientist who is always looking for opportunities to use technology and data for good. Everything she publishes is 100% human-authored. She still enjoys creating software, analyzing data, and above all, meeting challenges and solving problems.
To date, Karen has co-invented on 12+ US patents for software technology innovations, and has authored or co-authored 40+ academic and industrial publications (see below for some recent highlights). She is currently working with selected collaborators on publishing guidebooks for executives, architects, and practitioners on embedding intelligent features into software development practices, products, and people processes (to be published in 2024; look for previews on Substack).

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Highlights of Karen's recent accomplishments and published contributions